Top Online Business Degree Florida Schools
Top Online Business Degree Florida Schools

5 Top Online Business Degree Florida Schools To Know

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Whenever one thinks about online business degree Florida, then there is certainly a good reason for such a search. Florida is home to some of the oldest commercial, service, and tourism industries in the world. As a nationwide leader in real estate, tourism and entertainment, the Sunshine State is an attractive destination for people looking for new business and career opportunities. And with no fewer than 31 schools offering at least one online business degree, Florida offers some of the best online learning opportunities for prospective leaders on the East Coast. Of course, business leaders are valuable everywhere, but they are particularly sought after in the largest tropical centers in America: Jacksonville and Miami, metropolitan areas where employment opportunities in the financial, banking and tourism sectors are often abundant. for the sake of generosity and diversity. .

FL Average Salaries for common MBA-holding roles

  • Financial Analyst: $50,994
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO): $288,893
  • Marketing Manager: $88,880
  • IT Project Manager: $92,136
  • Operations Manager: $85,474
  • Finance Manager: $107,656

Online Learning in Miami

The Miami metropolitan area includes the largest collection of universities offering online degrees in the state. Ten colleges and universities offer online degrees in the greater Miami area. Of those ten, three offer online business degrees: Florida International University, Miami Dade College, and Johnson & Wales – North Miami. Together, these three schools offer 17 diplomas ranging from associate level to masters level, all 100% online and in business. Because of its proximity to the headquarters of some of the largest national and international corporations in the United States, as well as its residency at the center of one of the largest tourism industries in the world, graduates from these three colleges or universities will be well placed to pursue careers in financial management, tourism, and perhaps even in Start your own business in Miami. For those already working in the Miami area and looking to advance their careers through higher education, graduating online from a local school is a flexible and efficient way to qualify for higher paying jobs, especially with low tuition fees, in a public school (University).

Online Learning in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is the most populous city in the state of Florida and in the southeastern United States. It is home to the second largest group of universities offering online degrees in the state. Five traditional four-year colleges offer online degrees in and around Jacksonville. Of those five, only one offers online business degrees: Jones College. Jones College offers 1 Associate Degree and 1 Bachelor Degree, all 100% online and in business. Because of Jones College’s proximity to the headquarters of some of the largest corporations in the United States, Jones graduates are well placed to embark on careers in financial management or even in their own business in the Jacksonville area. . For those already working in and around Jacksonville and looking to advance their careers through continuing education, earning an online degree from a local school can be a flexible and effective way to get promoted.

The 5 Best Online Business Degree Florida Schools

A total of 31 online business degree institutions in the state of Florida. These range from community colleges that offer affordable associate-level programs and the option to move into a four-year institution to some of the best business schools in the world. While prospective students should primarily ensure that a particular university has the business degree they are seeking, there are some business degrees that are excellent in all areas. Here are our five most popular online business colleges that offer business degrees. When selecting our courses, we used the methodology to weigh up the commercial offerings against the academic prestige of a university. The academic level of colleges is calculated based on a number of parameters such as the average amount of funding received, average class size, admission standards, and the percentage of professors with degrees in their field. Take a look at our top five online business degree Florida.

1 University of Florida


The University of Florida is a public university with land, space, and marine scholarships. As one of the largest and most renowned universities in the USA, the University of Florida is consistently one of the top universities in the world. UF is also known for its many satellite locations, such as the J. Hillis Miller Health Sciences Center in Jacksonville and the Warrington College of Business in Sunrise. All University of Florida students can take advantage of these locations along with affordable tuition fees by attending a school rated “Best Value” by multiple ranking indices. UF’s 11 online offers include a bachelor’s degree in business administration and 10 master’s degrees, ranging from a master’s degree in business administration to a master’s degree in social media. University of Florida program graduates will join one of the top 20 alumni networks in the United States, including 2 Nobel Prize winners, ten U.S. Senators, and connections to over 100 other countries. .

2 Florida Institute of Technology


The Florida Institute of Technology is a private Space-grant university located in Melbourne, Florida. Founded during the Space Race in 1958, it is particularly known for its schools of Aeronautics, Astronomy, Engineering, and Sciences. Next to the College of Engineering and College of Sciences, Florida Tech’s College of Business enrolls the third largest portion of students at the school. The Bisk College of Business also plays host to the annual Business Ethics Conference with presenters from all over the world from both business and academia. 30 percent of all students enrolled attend classes online. Its 23 online business degrees range from the Associate’s to the Master’s level, and they include the Associate’s in Accounting and Healthcare Management, the Bachelor’s in Aviation Management and Business Administration Management, as well as the Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) with specializations in Healthcare Management and IT Management All of these options, and their attendant flexibilities, make the Florida Institute of Technology a perfect fit for busy working Floridians who are looking to add another line to their educational résumés.

3 Lynn University


Lynn University is a private American university in Boca Raton, Florida. Lynn University is best known for its international reach and has nearly a quarter of its student body with students who are citizens of the United States. This global inclusion is intended to advance Lynn University’s initiative to incorporate global perspectives into its curriculum, which it further cemented by hosting Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential debate on foreign policy. Lynn University’s 11 online business degrees range from bachelor’s to master’s degrees and include specializations in aviation management, hotel management, and international business, among others. Notable alumni include several professional soccer players such as Scott Gordon, Jean Alexandre, and Scott Gordon, as well as Joseph Abruzzo, an elected member of the Florida Senate. Lynn University graduates will be in a good position to participate in local businesses and the tourism industry as their home region of Boca Raton is the middle ground for some of Florida’s top corporations.

4 Florida State University


Florida State University is a ocean and public space funded university in Tallahassee with a satellite location in Panama City. The state of Florida is known as one of the largest and most prestigious universities in the United States and is consistently one of the top universities in the world. The US state of Florida is also known for its College of Business, which offers “limited access” admission to its highly competitive programs, which have been included in the top 40 business programs, due to high student demand. first cycle. All Florida students enjoy affordable tuition fees by attending a school rated “Best Value” by multiple rating indexes. Florida State’s 5 online offerings are all at Masters level and include a Masters in Business Administration with a focus on Real Estate, a Masters in Educational Administration, and a Masters in Management Information Systems. Florida State Business Program graduates will join one of the best alumni networks in the United States that includes many professional athletes, US senators, US ambassadors, and world leaders.

5 University of South Florida


The University of South Florida is a public research university in Tampa, Florida. USF’s fourteen colleges in three locations in Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota-Manatee are known for producing some of the best computer science, education, and public health graduates in the Southeast. Its famous public health program is a leader in both academia and the health industry. USF’s numerous partnerships with companies in the area help its students focus on the practical applications of their work and its health, sustainability and urban transport research centers in the country. The University of South Florida’s 5 online business degrees are all degrees ranging from a Masters in Public Health for Executives to a PhD in Career and Employment Education. And for less than $ 450 per credit hour for undergraduate students in the state, these graduate programs are the best value for money, especially for Florida residents.

With this info on online business degree Florida, its quite obvious the opportunities are numerous and everyone can get the chance to get an online degree. What will you make of this information?

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