IITM Online Degree: What’s There To  Know!
IITM Online Degree: What’s There To Know!

IITM Online Degree: What’s There To Know!

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The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras has launched the world’s first online BSc and Diploma courses in programming and data science, IITM Online Degree . The programme has been launched by the Union HRD minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank through a webinar held on Tuesday, June 30, 2020. The best thing about the course is there is no age/ stream/ geographical restrictions to appear for it. 

Moreover, aspirants who have passed class 12 can also join it. Also, the IITM Online Degree can be pursued by those aspirants who are currently in college or who have dropped out of / completed their Bachelor’s Degree.

IIT-Madras Launches World's First Online BSc, Diploma Courses in Programming & Data Science

Aspirants who fulfil the further eligibility criteria can join the online course. The online application process for BSc in programming and data science will begin soon. The last date to submit the online application form is September 15, 2020. For more related details, candidates are advised to visit the official website at onlinedegree.iitm.ac.in.

Official Website: www.onlinedegree.iitm.ac.in

About Online BSc, Diploma in Programming and Data Science:

The BSc Degree in Programming and Data Science consists of three levels; foundation level, diploma, and degree level. The programme also provides the facility for leaving the course with three exit levels as well. Aspirants can either complete the 3-year degree programme or can exit after completing either foundation level or diploma level.

The course consists of the following three degrees;

  • Diploma in Programming
  • Diploma in Data Science
  • BSc Degree in Programming and Data Science

Eligibility Criteria for IITM Online Degree:

Aspirants have to go through a qualifier process under which they will get access to the four weeks of the course. The course will consist of four subjects i.e., Mathematics, English, Statistics, and Computational Thinking. 
Those aspirants who get minimum required scores in the Qualifier Exam will get the opportunity to register for Foundational Level courses.

IITM Online Degree Programme Structure:

The program is split into three levels that have to be completed strictly in sequence:

1: Foundational Level (8 courses)

2: Diploma Level (6 Programming courses + 6 Data Science courses)

3: Degree Level (11 courses)

If you look at their admission process as listed here IITM Online Degree Program. They mention below.

*We are limiting the maximum number of applications to 2,50,000. Hence, we will close receipt of applications on 15 September 2020 or once we receive 2,50,000 applications, whichever occurs first.

They will first let you study some qualifier exam related material for around 4 weeks, take an exam based on that, that will allow you to appear for another in person exam in select cities, and if you pass that exam, then you will be eligible to enroll in the final courses that start in 2021.

So this is a rigorous process to select that also ensures people who are really motivated and hard working will appear for it, unlike say other online courses every where where you can just pay fees and start the course irrespective of whether you finish or not.

This process will ensure quality candidates who really want to learn this field will enter it and also its a good process because in the early 4 weeks of first preparation many will actually get to learn about the basics of what is there in the final course, to help them understand if they are really interested in pursuing it or not. If they are not, they can drop out and just lose 3000 Rs fees that they got to get entry to this process. Rather than spend huge money and feel disillusioned later that they do not like it, and they like some thing else. It is also a way to test one self does one really like data science and programming or its just some kind of infatuation because that is a hot field at the moment and every one wants to work in it?

Considering their cut off limit of 250,000 students, there are plenty of seats and one who studies sincerely and with some interest and motivation and focuses should be able to get into this quota, as unlike physical class rooms online classes allow bigger size classes while not diluting the quality of the teaching, keeping it IIT level, unlike other engineering colleges.

So I believe one who really wants to enter should be able to enter it as the passing cut off is around 50 or 40%.

So this answers the question of how difficult etc is to get into.

Now comes the important question of whether it is worth the money.

To understand that you need to compare the courses they are teaching with the other courses in other colleges and how much fees they are charging for that.

Then you have to compare the duration of the course work if you were to take it completely focused and in how much minimum time you can finish it, because there is a physical exam that has to be conducted even though teaching is online. This helps you understand, how fast you can enter the job market.

Approximately 3 Lakh Rs in fees for three years, if you get in say 3 years of duration is a decent fee provided you learn great things and can enter job, because you can recover this money in only a few months of salary considering data science is a hot field these days.

Hope it helps get some clarification of thought process further.

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